About the LTA

Why hire from the LTA?

Finding and retaining talent has become more challenging in the multifamily realm over the last few years.  Onboarding and recruiting costs are on the rise, while turnover is at an all-time high.  Unfortunately, many companies have had to “settle” when it comes to hiring due to a lack of qualified candidates.  Why settle when we can provide qualified leasing candidates to your organization at no cost?

The LTA is a vigorous comprehensive training program specifically designed to prepare individuals to begin a property management career in Leasing.  Not only are students exposed to basic leasing practices, this program also places a specialized focus on soft skills and professional development to prepare for a successful transition into property management.  Additionally, students who are hired by your organization are encouraged to stay engaged with LTA during their first 90-days of employment as they are assigned a professional mentor with industry experience to assist with the challenges that come with new starts.

Save on recruitment costs and give back to the community by opting to consider hiring from the LTA.  It is our goal to exceed your expectations by delivering quality leasing talent to the multifamily industry. 

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