Leasing Training Academy Inaugural Class Now in Session!

Posted By: Candice Manning

Welcome to The Leasing Training Academy Blog! This blog will highlight our progress and give you insight to our program and all things leasing. We want to highlight our students journey from beginning to end in hopes of inspiring more individuals to take advantage of this innovative program, which is also a workforce initiative.

The program launched this week, and we are off to an amazing start. We have a small class of just ten students, which works well because as the inaugural class, we can bond and support each other. The energy in our classroom is exceptional. All our students have incredibly positive attitudes and are committed to learning to start careers in Property Management.  

While this is a leasing training program, the LTA is unique in that we also focus on professional development. In fact, we have implemented #feedbackfridays so that students can meet with the instructor one on one and receive feedback on their performance thus far. Additionally, students are required to dress professionally on Tuesdays and Thursdays as part of preparation for their transition into a Leasing role. Students have also been tasked to update and/or create resumes and LinkedIn profiles while they are in the program to make themselves marketable to potential employers.

During week one we were able to cover all curriculum (see schedule on website), meet with Employ Prince Georges as they provide resources to support our students, and get to know each other. Our students come from a variety of backgrounds ranging from former truck drivers and cashiers to those who have worked on a community. The diversity in our class makes the class even more special, and students have been vocal stating that they love the program so far.

Our placement partners (Owner/managers who have committed to considering our students for hire) received their first update this week. Students were introduced with a short bio so that future employers can begin to connect with them now. Partners will receive bi-weekly evaluations of student progress and will also be invited to attend graduation which is tentatively scheduled for February 8th.

Stay tuned! We will keep you abreast of The LTA journey and all things leasing right here.